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Owner: Katy Saint Fleur  www.kaboodlefashion.com    Instagram: kaboodle_fashion  Pinterest: Kaboodlefashion Facebook: Kaboodlefashion Email: kaboodlefashion [!at] gmail.com

WELCOME TO KABOODLE FASHION  where being different is “Beautiful”.
 Kaboodle Fashion is an independently owned business created to bring forth a unique look and feel. We specialize in Women clothing boutique, Dressmaking and Alteration. “Kaboodle” means a collection of things, and just like its name, it is the ultimate online shopping portal to make your style shine and allow you to be creative in your own way. Kaboodle comes up with your fashion dreams. With our online clothing boutique we takes the latest high fashion runway trends and sources the amazing ready-to-wear interpretations, making sure that you have the latest trend in front of you. And if that is not enough, we also take custom orders where we would make dresses keeping in mind your needs and what you specifically want. These orders will be tailor made from the design to the material of your choice. The outfits are exclusively designed by you as we try to offer casual clothing in reasonable rates for all. All outfits are made from genuine material that will make your money’s worth. If there's something you can think up or have a picture of, we will do our best to duplicate it for you. Apart from designing we also offer alterations services for your clothes. If you’ve got anything that needs to be changed in your dress or jeans just send it to me and you’ll get it fixed. So if you’ve got something that’s been lying around in your wardrobe simply because it does not fit properly just send it in! The rule of dressing stylishly while looking glamorous is wearing clothes that perfectly complement your body type to ensure an exclusive look. 

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